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Women's clothing

Most Olkapolka clothing comes in sizes 8-14, although there are some skirts which are available in size 6 and some tops, which come in a size 16. Sizes available are noted on each product page underneath the description.

Lengths of products are also listed for each item of clothing to help you with your choice. For skirts and dresses, we have clearly noted the length (knee length, below knee, mid-calf, maxi) underneath the description on each page.

It is worth noting that Olkapolka sizing is usually quite generous and the fabric is generally stretchy, so you may wish to drop down a size to find the right fit for you.


Children's clothing

Sillybilly clothing comes in the following sizes: 1-2 years, 3-4 years, 5-6 years, 7-8 years, 9-10 years.


Washing & care

All the textiles on Lou are hand printed and as such require gentle care when it comes to washing. Here are the recommendations given by each of the designers to care for and prolong the life of their products:


iSpy fabrics wash well on a cold wash, gentle cycle in the washing machine. The fabric is 100% cotton, so a warm to hot iron is also fine. Please turn inside out to iron.

Shine Shine

Shine Shine products should be hand washed in cold water. 

Peppertree Bags

If necessary, hand wash the bags in cold water. Please do not rub on the prints when washing, do not spin, tumble dry or use an iron.


Please turn all Olkapolka clothes inside out and either wash on a gentle machine cycle or by hand in cold water. Do not use chlorine or bleach on the garments, or tumble dry them. Please do not iron directly on the prints, rather iron inside out.


Sillybilly clothes are machine washable at 40 degrees with like colours and should be turned inside out. You can use a hot iron, except on the fine net fabrics; although you will notice that many of the garments may not require ironing after washing. Please do not iron directly on prints, rather iron inside out. To keep the garments in tiptop condition, you should not tumble dry, dry clean, use bleach or rub the prints.


Ethical policy

We are proud to be working with and building relationships with small scale designers and producers in South Africa. Much of the craftsmanship, such as printing and sewing, is done by the designer, or produced by local craftspeople, whom they have teamed up with. Some of the designers have invested in building teams of previously unskilled workers, training them up to undertake skilful printing techniques or complex seamstress work.

Need help?
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Free UK Delivery
on orders over £50